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About Us

Know our story behind the foundation of MyNOTIFIER

Living in a digital world comes with ample number of challenges. Stressing over your LED screens not only affects your mental peace but sums up as an emotional burden too. Just to overcome and bring relief to your busy schedule life we have introduced MyNOTIFIER.

MyNOTIFIER is built to connect emotional understanding of our audience. When we say “Audience”, we not only emphasis on teenagers, working individuals or professionals, it also includes new-parent, visual and hearing impaired and those that are physically challenged and senior citizens.

Connecting dots and building emotional bridge to understand your needs is our responsibility which we strive to provide our wide range of audience.


Re-Defining the Notification system with Ease

We won’t allow your notification to bug you, we will help you sustain your productivity with help of our value- added features, which will keep your “buzz vibe “alive.


Our Goals

Our prime goal to start with MyNOTIFIER is to rise by lifting special individuals. 3% Americans aged 40 or over are either legally blind or are visually impaired. In round numbers nearly 10.000,000 people in the US are hard of hearing that is when, MyNOTIFIER comes in. Our goal to provide equal assistance to every individual through our gamut, unique features will help them to enhance their life, role and responsibilities with ease.


Our Visions

Our vision is to establish an application with a motive to be secure at every step for building a better Customer Experience & Interaction. By Not only focusing on one part of the society, but also aim at fulfilling requirement for Visually and Hearing Impaired, Physically Challenged, and Seniors.


Our Mission

We are inclined towards a mission to build customer – oriented service. At MyNOTIFIER, its all about focusing on helping customers meet their goals and provide the added value service of receiving notifications hands free easy to see and/or hear their customised notification which is set as per their convivence.

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