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Welcome to our support portal. Here you can ask most frequently asked questions. This guide will help you to learn more about the platform and its features. If you cannot find the answer below, please connect with us at (enter the email address/phone number)

Yes, completely. MyNOTIFIER has no interest in sharing your data with any third parties. This is not part of our business practices, and/or strategy or growth plan.
MyNOTIFIER has been built by people who take the value of the customer very seriously. We are here to support you and keep you happy. We ask for 24 hours at the most to be in communication and answer any questions you may have or any issue you may be experiencing.
VERY! We made it to be very user friendly!
You are able to start and stop notifications easily with this button.
MyNOTIFIR is a very easy to use app which provides an intuitive user experience. Seniors will now have an easy to read scene or symbol that will allow them to see missed items from a distance or up close.
MyNOTIFIER lets you assign different graphics and beats to various missed items (texts, emails, and phone calls) so a missed item can be easily distinguished and identifiable from across the room. You will be able to make decisions if missed items need your attention or not. You will know or not if you need to go over to the phone or not.
MyNOTIFIER has very strong lit up graphics and beats that greatly outperform traditional notifiers. These can accompany amazing graphics and sounds such as bright blinking lights and louuder sounds.
MyNOTIFIER has clear loud beats and sounds. In addition to these, MyNOTIFIER can add on other additional light features like blinking lights and vibrations to customized notifications.
MyNOTIFIER helps people decide if there has been anything missed (texts, emails, or phone calls) for any reason. As long as the app is set to 'On', your device will communicate with you more than ever before in new and exciting ways!
No, MyNOTIFIER is a free-to-use mobile application for Android users. It is used to notify users of missed phone calls, emails, and text messages.
The app provides an exclusive blend of distinct tones, beats, and images that create a customized, exclusive, and unique experience for those with hearing or vision impairments and those who are physically challenged.
MyNOTIFIER allows users to receive notifications across the room without picking up the phone. Now do not worry about missing an important message, email, or missed call.
This app has extraordinary graphics not found in Android or iOS native notification systems. With the strategically created color palette, the app brightens you when you have some essential things missing on your phone.
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