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Is Constant Notification Becoming A Barrier To Your Productivity?


More thantwo-thirds of employees (68%)say they cannot be more productive because of the numerous distractions and message notifications theyreceive at work.

Notifications have a significant effect on your productivity. The sight and sound of notifications dominate today's workplaces and offices, keeping people on their toes and continuously checking their devices. These constant notifications rob us of our capacity to get into the flow, put in our quality effort, and feel genuinely accomplished at work.

Do you ever wonder why one email reflects six different notifications? Unfortunately, most apps aren't satisfied with just sending one notification; they will continue to spam you until you check them. Those notifications might not even be that important; what if your important emails get lost between them. Many apps would even send native and email notifications at the same time. For example,If someone messaged me on LinkedIn, I'd receive a notification in the app and an email. This can be highly distracting.

If you're overwhelmed by notifications, you don't have to stay that way. The MyNOTIFIER app is designed to help you enhance your productivity and restore your peace by substituting those distracting routines with good ones. Be more deliberate about utilizing technology at work if you want to get more done.

Modify your notifications with the MyNOTIFIER app

MyNOTIFIER is a mobile application for Android mobile phones. This app's primary purpose is to notify users of missed phone calls, emails, and text messages. In addition, users will be able to identify what has been missed from across the room, using varied beats and sounds.

  • Now youcan get all your notifications at one centralized place.
  • Do not fear missing an important email, call or message even from across the room.
  • See and/or hear your customized notification as per your convenience.

It's all about helping clients achieve their goals at MyNOTIFIER and providing the value-added service of receiving hands-free notifications without interrupting your workflow. We can create a

work environment where we are not just more productive but also delighted and fulfilled versions of ourselves by being more conscious about our relationship with technology.The MyNOTIFIER app will make your phone smarter and as a result help you work smarter. Download the app now to get rid of all the unnecessary notifications and increase your productivity.

We also wish to cater to the needs of the visually and hearing impaired, the physically challenged, and the elderly, therefore we have included certain unique features. The notification will be distinct from other sounds, making it easy to identify and distinguish.

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