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Is Phone Addiction Becoming A Significant Problem? Let's Break It.


We are all tied to our phones in this digital age. But unfortunately, it's difficult to tell when excessive smartphone use becomes an addiction because we rely on our phones for all communication and connection.

While a smartphone is a valuable tool, excessive use can cause problems at work, school, and in relationships. What if you're out on a date or having a family meal, and you can't stop checking your phone to see whether you've received any business emails or missed any notifications? This can put everyone at the dinner table in a bad mood.

In the 18 to 29-year-old age category, 22% of smartphone users check their devices every few minutes.

If you're facing notification overload or a phone addiction issue, know that you're not alone. This is not only a widespread issue, but it's also a difficult one to solve. So how do we give them up?

MyNOTIFIER is a smartphone app that ensures you don't miss any notifications without having to touch your phone. MyNOTIFIER alerts you when you have some essential items missing on your phone, using a carefully chosen color scheme and unique sounds. It doesn't matter if it's calls, texts, emails, or messages. MyNOTIFIER makes sure you don't miss a beat on your phone.


How does MyNOTIFIER help to break your mobile addiction?

  • The app allows users to receive notifications from across the room without picking up the phone. This way, you don't have to keep checking your phone constantly.
  • Keep track of missed calls, emails, and notifications.
  • It empowers the specially-abled. It allows rapid access to appropriate graphics/beats for those with special needs. So they miss no beat, and no notification goes unseen.
  • It is a centralized place where you can view all of your missed emails (business and personal), calls, and messages in one app.

According to a survey on phone use and activities among Americans, most of them can't live without their phones in sight for very long—if at all. So let's break this addiction down with the MyNOTIFIER app.

Because our addiction to our phones and social media is often caused by the unpredictability of the incentives we receive. Making those benefits more predictable can help us reduce our obsessive behaviors.

With the MyNOTIFIER app, we're giving you a platform to cultivate a healthy relationship with technology in your life if you also have an addiction to your smartphone. So go ahead and download it now!


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